Add extra cost in COD selection

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Dear fellow shopifiers hello,

I recently started with shopify and I am facing my first disappointment.

I add, as manual payment, the COD Cash On Delivery option, which is very popular in Greece.

BUT this option applies an extra cost on shipping (an extra fee for the courier company).



I needed a way to:

1. Fill somewhere this COD cost


2. ADD this extra cost (whenever a COD is chosen as payment method by the customer) to the final product price.

SImple, basic, common and self explainable!!

Surely not rocket science!

This is a very basic and very common function to all e-shops I visit.

I thought that with a very basic "search" in the forum I would find the answer!

In my GREAT surprise, while browsing the community, I found many people - facing the same problem like me - "begging" for a solution since 2016!!!!

I read many "nice & polite words" from shopify people such as "... Sure, we are working on that.....,our team thanks for the feedback...... very soon will arrange  for a solution..... please keep up with updates ..... we transfered your request to our development gurus .....and so on"

But, although these nice talks, today after 4 (!!!) FOUR  years there is no solution in this VERY BASIC and SIMPLE issue.

Is there any clear answer,  from shopify side, regarding their intention to get involved in a solution for this issue? 

I can accept an answer like : "Dear user, for the time being, we do not intend to spare any time with this issue because it concerns only i.e. 1% of our users, so it is not a priority for us".


It would be fair, so I would take my decisions to move to  a different platform.

I have no right to demand something from you. But I have the right to get acknowledge your intentions.


Sorry but I am afraid that this attitude is not consistent with the values and the vision being communicated in this video


 Sorry for the frustration.

Any help from any fellow or partner, free or at a reasonable cost would be welcomed.

Thank you