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We have a food store, and we need to be able to charge customers an extra £10 in shipping when they order any 'Frozen' food product. This is an extra flat £10 charge, regardless of the number of 'Frozen' products ordered. This will go on top of the regular shipping charge.

Is there an easier way to do this instead of using one of these apps?


Thanks a lot in advance

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Hi majkara,


You don't need app for this. One of the way is to add additional product (i.e. Extra Shipping cost).


Then you need to add javascript code in your theme in products you need (for example, put them in Collection or use tags, to run the script only in specific products) like this:

- Customer add product "Frozen"

- Before adding the product in the cart, run the script first and add "Extra Shipping cost" to the cart

- In the cart, if you remove the "Frozen" product, you need to run additional script to remove "Extra" product too.


Let me know if you need help developing such solution without apps.






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Hi Lucas,


Yes that makes perfect sense and is logical....just adding an extra line item called 'Frozen surcharge' whenever there are any products in the cart with 'frozen' tag. Is it possible to email you with 2 more queries, and also to get some help implementing this correctly?


Thanks in advance