Add to cart button not working. Site launched, please help.

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Ok, to what email should I sent the permission to?


This one?  -


Thanks & Regards, 

Flávio Pinhota

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Yes, it is my email id but you cannot create a collaborator account it is only created by my end. So I am sending you a request regarding this, Please approve it from the store admin. 

If you did not see any request their then add me into the staff account.

Thanks & Regards
Akshay Vaghasiya

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Hello, this is Frap82 from the forum.

By the same time I contacted the forum I sent na email do shopify explaining the problem with the Add to cart button.

They replied this:

“have taken a look into your theme issue and it appears that one of your apps
Facebook Messenger ‑ Live Chat by Omega is injecting code that is causing the Add to cart button issue. When temporarily disabling the injected code the Add to cart button works as it should.”

Yesterday I tested to enable the Facebook Messenger – Live Chat App again, and now the Add to cart button is working fine. I was about to contact the support of the app but since the button is working now, I don’t need to.

I would like to thank you for your immediate help, but now the button is working.

Best regards,

Flávio Pinhota