Add variants with new description / redirect link

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I would like to have some help with "variants".

I would like to add variations on my t-shirt product page in order to let the choice of the material used (here, cotton and organic cotton). I saw that we could do this by adding the variants one by one, the problem is that I cannot change the description. I would like that when the customer selects "organic cotton", the description changes, since I do not put the same informations. Or, find an alternative solution, perhaps via an application?

I am using Printful as a provider. Cotton t-shirts and organic cotton t-shirts are not the same, so the colors, the price, the description will not be the same. I have the solution of making a new product page just for organic t shirts, but visually it's less good looking (it's way better to just have a button to click in order to switch), not what I'm looking for, and the problem with this solution is when the customer wants to see all of the products, they will see each duplicate t-shirt.

Maybe a way that allow to redirect to a link when the customer click to a button?

Any solution? Thank you!