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I am wondering if it is possible to add a custom link (Sales Tax for Nexus Tax) to the footer of the shopping cart on our site. Currently it only shows the basic legal links that come with the theme and I can't seem to add a custom link that will show in the cart footer. I have attached an image for reference of where I want to add a custom link. Any ideas? Is this even possible?


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Hi @browntools!

It's important to note that the screenshot you've provided is technically considered your store's checkout page (not the cart page). Shopify does have some limitations regarding what kind of changes can be made to the checkout page, and unfortunately you cannot add a custom link like you've described. However, I do have a suggestion that would allow you to accomplish your goal using a workaround. Here's what I'm thinking:

  • It looks like your store is currently using 3 of the 4 "legal pages" that are included in Shopify (found in the Shopify admin under Settings > Legal). There is an additional legal page for 'Privacy policy', and in your case you could repurpose this particular page to include the desired content for Sales Tax/Nexus.
  • Once you provide content for the Privacy policy and save your changes, Shopify will automatically include a link for the Privacy policy in the footer of the store's checkout page.
  • With a small edit to the language settings for the store's theme, you can change the label of the link shown on checkout from "Privacy policy" to be whatever you'd like. For most themes you can find this language setting in the Shopify admin under Online store > Themes > Actions > Edit languages > Checkout & system > Checkout shop policies. In this section you should find an option for 'Privacy policy', and from here you can simply type in your desired link label to replace the default label. 

I realize this may not have been the answer you're looking for, nor is it the most ideal approach, but hopefully it helps!

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