Adding Rules to Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

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Hello, we have been taking a look at trying to add new features to our Recovery Emails recently and have been having some trouble, Namely, I am wanting to offer customers who have an Abandoned Carts with a value of over $500 to be offered a special discount on their items, while still having a standard Recovery email in place for customers that Abandoned but do not meet that requirement. I was interested in possibly adding multiple emails able to be sent under the same conditions, each with different wording to keep the language fresh. Any help on this would be very much appreciated!

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Hey there

It's great that you've thought to do this. Segmentation of visitors / customers, especially with abandoned cart emails is extremely important so that you can give the correct offer so that they come back and buy. 

You should be able to achieve this through your email provider, but you'll need to think through the right categories of segmentation that you should do. For example, to identify those for whom international shipping fees are the deal breaker, if you know where they are based and there's a pattern of abandons from one country in particular, then you know that offering free shipping to them would increase conversions with that population. 

You can check out this guide I wrote on dealing with abandoned carts and let me know if you need more help.

4 Steps to Fix Abandoned Cart Issues for E-Commerce [Actionable Guide]

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