Adding Vendor to all receipts (email/sms) and orders (confirmations, quotes).

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Hi, I tried searching the community with no luck. 

I want to include Vendor information on everything from email/sms receipts, orders, confirmations and even the retail pos, so customers know what brand they are purchasing, or have purchased. 

Does anyone have any idea how to do this? Any help would be appreciated. FYI - I'm using the brooklyn theme



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This would involve digging into the code of the site and email templates, but generally speaking you can output the vendor of a product like this:

{{ product.vendor }}

For email templates it would be something like: 

{{ line.product.vendor }}

 Looks like the Brooklyn theme has code in the cart template to display the vendor but the global setting to show it doesn't exist. This is an issue the theme developers should fix. There is a setting to show it on the product template.