Adding a customer field at checkout for a particular country

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Hi everybody !

I'm encountering an issue delivering in a special country, where I need to manually contact my customers to ask for further informations.
While digging out Shopify Help Center, I found that we could display a certain message for a particular location, but I couldn't find a way to add a custom field or anything else if this country is selected.
Any idea on here ?

Thank you in advance.


Dear ThomasR,


Where do you want to display the message?


Hope this thread will help you


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Hello !

I'd rather like to add a custom field, not only a custom message.
To be more precise, for certain countries you need more datas for delivery, and I'd like to add the possibility for the customer to enter it by himself.

Thomas R.

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Hi there!


If you want to display messages as location-specific, for example, only display messages to visitors from certain countries, you could check Geo Targetly solutions. Its particular Geo Content tool can detect your visitors' locations and display altered content according to their locations. You could alter/add/hide almost any content on your webpage based on visitors' locations, including headings, banners, forms, buttons, texts, and etc.


The inbuilt HTML editor can simply help you set up the location-specific content. The service will further generate Javascript and HTML code accordingly for you to add to your website.


Hope it helps. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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I am looking to do something very similar. I would like to add some custom fields to the product which would need completed in order to add the item to the cart. I would then like to receive these alone with the order, in the order/create webhook. The fields would be different based on the SKU in question.

Is this possible? 

If so, could some give me a little guide as to how, as I'm very knew to Shopify.


Thanks, in advance.