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I'm working on a new shop with shopify (we have a Shopify Plus plan), later on we have to import existing customers from our deprecated system (non-shopify).
Because of this I want to add some new fields to the customer profile, e.g. Salutation, Status, Internal number, [...]
After some researches I'm unsure wheather this is even possible or not?
It's not a big topic to modify the theme (design) with liquid, I found a tutorial to fill the note-field by modifying the registration template. But for this I'll have to extend the customer data structure, the CSV import/export need to recognize this added fields ...
Is this realistic to achieve without having deep knowledge in shopify development, am I talking about a new app ... or should I look for existing apps in the shopify store?

I'm very thankful for some hints to put me on the right path.


Hey @sparklingmarc,

You may want to look into using Metafields here, which you can also reference on your theme pages using Liquid variables.

There's an example here:

To add/manage Metafields, you'll probably need an app for this.  Here's a few I've found on the app store:

To export the Metafields data to CSV together with the rest of the customer or order data, our app EZ Exporter can do this.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @Jonathan-HA ,

ahhh ... I see ... THX!

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Hi @sparklingmarc,

If you're still looking for a solution, check out Customer Fields. We've extended the customer data structure so you don't have to.

You can create new data columns in the app and then use CSV import/export to manage unique data that Shopify doesn't handle. We also save this data to our database as well as Shopify's metafields so you get the best of both worlds-- a nice UI to manipulate custom data plus the extensibility of getting that data wherever you might need it using metafields.

I hope this help!  

App listing:

Developer documentation:

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