Adding a line of text to a product page

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I'm still quite new to Shopify and Liquid as a whole, for my current shop I'm using the theme Supply and I was wondering if anyone knew how to add a basic line of text to a product page to display the delivery times. Right now I have it set as the Vendor-line, but as we gain more and more suppliers that do want to display their own name on our product pages I'm going to have to change that.




'Levertijd 1-2 weken' means max. 2 weeks to deliver. I'd love to keep a simple text line like that but then under the product vendor line, which is where I put the delivery times right now. Anyone that can help me out? Thanks so much! Also I'm sorry if I'm not in the correct forum section, I'm new to the forums aswell.


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Try to use inspect ( crtl + shift + c ) then click the element with the vendor details. Remember the class name or copy the class name of that element
Then proceed to your Shopify dashboard > Online store > Actions > Edit Code then in the side bar scroll down a little bit find the Sections folder and find if there's a product-template.liquid open that (click the file) then (ctrl + f) search the class name that you copied earlier then add now your code below it. (every theme is different but usually the file for the product page is product-template.liquid and it is usually in the Sections Folder)