Adding a text box in "view product"mode when using the buy now button for my collection

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I'm really hoping someone can help me with this, I have used the buy now button by shopify for one of my collections but Im facing a few problems :

I know that apps won't work with the buy now button so my usual Infinite options app is of no use to me with this collection now, but I'm really hoping there is another way I am able to add a custom text box for my customers to write in the recipients name for our personalised products in the collection as well as a text box for them to write a gift card message for other products in the collection too?

Also I though id find out if there is a way to make the products image appear clearer in mobile and desktop when a customer has clicked the view product button and the 'quick view' window pops up?

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Hi doingbusiness,


this post might help to submit a text with your order:


Regarding your images:

What do you mean by 'clearer'? If your image is very small, than it will be hard to display a big picture on the products page where it's probably shown as big picture. It is smarter to upload your images with higher resolution and scale it with the 'img_url' liquid-filter (


Cheers :)