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Hi guys! 


I'm pretty new to Shopify development and now I want to add a somehow dynamic Accordion to selected pages.

I've followed the article right here ( which has worked pretty well so far, but now I'm stuck.


I don't want to have just ONE page with FAQ, I more want to achieve multiple pages where I could insert an Accordion if needed. The article mentioned above is just for an FAQ page (which is basically just an Accordion). 


Now, when I integrate the accordion.liquid I've created as {% section 'accordion' %} in the page.liquid file, I get the same content on all the different pages. 


My goal is to have an Accordion on different pages and of course with different content in it. The best would be to have the "Add section" selector on every page and then, if needed, I could place the Accordion right there. 


Any chance to achieve that somehow? 


Best wishes!

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Hi @Yeahsus!


Karl from Shogun Page Builder here. I was scrolling through the forums and noticed that your answer went unanswered! 


This would be possible to do within Shogun Page Builder, as we allow you to add content to individual pages on your store, rather than across your whole store. The best part is that we have an Accordion element that you can make use of without even needing to code it into your site. You can import the page that you'd like to edit, it'll keep the look and feel of your store, and simply drag and drop the Accordion element right in and edit it as you'd like.


We offer a free 10 day trial, if you would like to try it out before subscribing. You can find out more about Shogun by visiting


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our awesome support team, and they'd be more than happy to help! You can get in touch by clicking here.


Have a great day!

Karl Jones | Team Lead, Technical Support, Shogun | Try Shogun Page Builder for Shopify for FREE!
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