Adding free shipping rate based on order price

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I am trying to add a free shipping rate for orders more that €50 and limited to regions including Europe and North America.

The shipping set up is confusing.

I want all products to default to this rate unless order is less than €50 or unless a product falls in to a different category that needs additional profiles.

Ideally I'd make the GENERAL SHIPPING RATES the default for all products and then have specialized profiles for certain products as needed. This doesn't seem like an option since a product can only belong to a single shipping profile. 

The only way I see to do it is add the free shipping above €50 to every region in every profile. Clearly this is painful.

There appears to be a lot of articles/help on shipping business strategies but no real help on setting up different shipping scenarios.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hey @greengrl10,

Shopify's shipping profiles are designed for simple use-cases, so it does require a lot of manual work to get everything configured to your liking. Even then, there are limitations. 

It sounds like what you need to do is:

  1. Set your 'General' shipping to be set for both Europe & North America (and any other zone you ship  to)
  2. Click 'Add Rate' and define how you want shipping to be charged for orders under €50
  3. 'Click Add Rate' and set the price to 0€, and set the 'Condition' to €50


  1. Create a Shipping Profile for each of your other shipping costs for Europe & North America (and any other zone you ship  to)
  2. Assign the products that belong to this profile (if you have a lot of products, use Automate Shipping Profiles - it bulk syncs your products and saves a ton of time) 
  3. Click 'Add Rate' and define how you want shipping to be charged for orders under €50
  4. 'Click Add Rate' and set the price to 0€, and set the 'Condition' to €50


We guide a lot of merchants through configuring their product dimensions for Intuitive Shipping and Smart Boxing (both offer dimensional shipping rates), and one thing that helps is to have a document that you amalgamate products together that have the same dimensions. The same is true for Shopify's shipping profiles. If you have two products that don't fit in your 'General' profile but have the same shipping cost, these products can be in the same shipping profile. Only you see the backend of your setup. Your customers only see a shipping charge at checkout. 

I know there is a lot of upfront work to get this configured, but the good news is that once it's set up, you don't have to touch it again unless your shipping costs increase or you realize you're undercharging for shipping on some products. 


Warm regards,

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Thanks for the detailed post @Sharon-Reeds it helped to clarify how shipping works. I think I had added unnecessary complication by overlooking using General Shipping to properly set the defaults.

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This is what I want to do - offer free shipping worldwide by setting the price of the product by region to include the shipping cost. How can I achieve this?

Example - I have integrated with Pixels. The shipping cost for US is $10 and for Europe is $20. I want to price the product differently, so I can offer free shipping in US and Europe.

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hi @patsgalerie as far as I know you would not be able to change the item price based on the region but you could offer free shipping within the US (the lower shipping cost) and offer a flat $10 shipping rate (the difference) for Europe.