Adding jQuery for Predictive Search In Supply Theme

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I am using Supply Theme.


I am trying to add Predictive Search onto my site (, but can't figure out the necessary steps. 


Following the documentation on


Am i right to say i need to add the below code on theme.js.liquid ? I can't figure out where to add it in?




Any one can help on the matter? Appreciate it and thank in advance. 


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Hello - am afraid that code you're referencing is only a part of the answer, it is there to show developers already familiar with javascript how to access the Shopify predictive search API. So guessing that perhaps you're not a developer, a few ways forward might be:

1) Try following a blog tutorial on this topic - someone else might be able to recommend specifics (I haven't tried them), but "adding predictive search shopify" or "shopify search autocomplete" did show a few blog articles claiming to achieve this (just make sure you create a backup of your theme before adding untested code)

2) Use an app

3) Hire a developer to implement the Shopify solution you found


All the best with it.

Paul @ Promeate
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