Adding multiple products with many variants

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Hello, I am new to Shopify and web design, so I will try to be as clear as possible.


I would like to create a site which sells clothing.  

I sell lots of products about 3000

I have a CSV file from my wholesaler with web data

Items such as t-shirts may come in 20 colours and in many sizes.

My pricing follows three formats, single, pack and carton.


I have watched some videos on using the upload CSV file, but I could not see about the URL ( as in do I have to create a URL for each and every product, or does the spreadsheet create this for you?)

How do you add in multiple pricing options?  (does the site know when someone checks out what they are buying, such as 1 t-shirt so charge the single price, or if they are buying 20 and charge the carton price?)

It seems that uploading about 3000 items would take weeks to create the CSV (editing each line,).

The tutorials I have seen, seem to show that you still have to go through each product manually and create the lines for each variant.


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Hey Marcus,

Welcome to Shopify!


1. You can upload a CSV file with all of your products, but make sure that the format you are uploading is supported.

2. Otherwise, and more recommended is to use an import app from the Shopify App Store, that can basically import everything from almost anywhere.


Good luck!

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Hi - i'll try and answer your questions in the order you have asked them:


1 - Your URL is called a 'handle' and is the first column in the Shopify CSV file. It follows the format (you just put the handle part in the CSV). It needs to follow a strict format which is all lower case, no special characters and a '-' for spaces e.g. my-t-shirt-designb

2 - Shopify handles prices based on quantity but it doesn't apply a discount by default so T-shirt at $10, if customer orders 1 they will be charged $10, if they order 20 they will be charged $200. To offer a discount for a 'carton price' which is for say 20 T-shirts, you would need one of your variants to be a 'bundle' with a set price e.g. $180. Alternatively you will need to use an app to achieve what you want.

3 - Uploading 3000 products will not take long (minutes) but getting the CSV file in the right format with the right info in may take time depending on your starting point e.g. how similar your suppliers CSV is with what Shopify needs

4 - You don't need to 'go through each product manually and create the lines for each variant' you can do that in the CSV file

5 - Your best bet is to create one product and it's variants manually and the export that as a CSV file, you can then see exactly how the file needs to be structured and add the rest of your products & variants to that file copying the formatting etc

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