Advice on how to learn Javascript for theme development

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Hello everyone,

I quit my job in statistics a year ago because I was very unfulfilled in my work. I then found dropshipping (not really proud of it...) and thought this could be an opportunity to escape from my life as an employee. While I was trying to make my website through shopify, I realized I was actually interested and excited about it, I then dug deeper and was on my way to learn programming.


My goals:
It would be a real achievement If I was able to update a free theme to match exactly what I want to do. Not from scratch as my understanding is that it is very time consuming and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Being able to make an app and interact with shopify's API would be a goal as well.


I learnt html, css, sass and basic liquid in order to play around with shopify's free themes such as narrative, debut and brooklyn. It took me some time to feel like I could understand the logic used in the different themes, but I think I am ok with it now or at least can find the relevant information when I get stuck.
Then I wanted to add and see how interactions were made on the website, so I took a look at the javascript files on the different themes. Obviously, it looked like chineese to me at first... On several occasions I superficially looked at javascript courses, without any results, stilll chineese...

Thinking I had not put enough effort into it, I recently finished the "javascript algorithms and data structures certification" on freeCodeCamp, I watched some basic Jquery tutorials as well.
Just now, I had another look at the free themes javascript files, and it still looks ever so complicated to me. I feel like everything is so well structured, as if there is a real programming pattern behind it. I eventually feel desperate and like I am a million years to understand it. 


What to do now?
I guess I should practice more before looking at these files again. Thing is, I am not sure on what I should practice, I don't want to loose time going in the wrong direction. I have the impression that practicing my JS on simple DOM animations won't get me far, and the real issue here is the whole data oriented object programming pattern.
Is there a structure that all websites follow, or standard practices I could learn? 
Would you have any recommandation to practice and learn more JS that could be relevant to my goal?


If nothing happens, I probably have a couple of months ahead of me before having to get back to my old job. I feel so desperate thinking about it, and still hope somehow I could change my career path.


Thanks for reading me,