After reopen store need to get again charge id or not?

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I want to know If someone installs my application and that time I get charge approval from the store.
So that time I get one charge ID and base on this charge id I am able to take charge of that store.
Now, If the store closed for any reason and again reopen.
Here, I need to approve the charge again or not?

I have already tried and I am not able to take charge of the old charge id after reopening the store.
So, My main question is I need to get approval again from the store after reopening the store?

Note: we are taking usage charges in our app.

app: MyApp
Step 1: install MyApp app.
Step 2:
Get the approval of charges:
Step 3:
Get charge id and able to take charges (charge id is 123456)
Step 4:
But if closed the store
Step 5:
And again reopen the store 
Step 6:
Case 1: Can the 'MyApp' app take charge of this store with an old charge id(123456)?
Case 2: Need to get again the approval of charges to get a new charge id and then only able to take charge?
The new charge id is 78945. 

I don't want to get an approval of charges after reopening the store. so can I take charges?

But when I go with case 1 I am getting errors on taking charges.
When trying to take charge with the old charge Id, getting the following error:
{"errors":{"recurring_application_charge":["is not active"]}}

I need to go with case 1 or case 2?