Afterpay won't display on new product page in new collection page

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So I've got afterpay integrated on the site along with afterpay on the product page display to show the breakdown of the payment and the amount.

Added a new collection to the page and new product within the collection and the afterpay no longer shows on the new product page.

Anyone know a work around? And why this is happening?
I did a view source from the product page and can see the afterpay code did seem to have copied through but it is not displaying.

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Does the AfterPay widget still use JavaScript to work out the price to show? I think it does so it’s possible you’ve got other JavaScript errors on the site preventing that code from running.


Not sure where you sit with code debugging but you can take a look at the browser console logs to see if any errors show there. That can give you some clues into what might be going wrong.

Alternatively, provide an example link. It’s hard to give much feedback or advice without seeing the issue.

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