Ajax cart redirect to checkout - customers add to cart, but no-one reaches checkout

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I am using gempages to design my store. When a customer presses "Add to cart" button they are supposed to be redirected automatically to the checkout page.

On my laptop and on my phone this is working fine. For some customers it is working fine. However, in my shopify dashboard I can see that multiple customers added a product to the cart (which is only possible via that button), but none made it to the checkout. On mobile and computer. To understand what is happening I used the lucky orange app to see recordings of the customer page interactions. They do definitely press the button. As lucky orange cannot see the checkout page due to data protection, I cant get more details where it goes wrong. For some customers however it seems like they get redirected to the same page again, since the recording shows them scrolling the page again.

Does anyone know this problem and give me more insight into whether this is a "lost sale" or if there is something completely different going on?


Thanks a lot