Allow users to upload PDF at cart page

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Hello everyone,

I want to give out XMLs to independent dropshippers from my website.

My site is under construction but the link is, the password is ‘asdfg’

I figured out almost anything, one big problem I have right now is that some sellers generate shipping labels from the marketplace and then provide those labels to us. For the marketplace to track the order, they need to use their shipping labels. If they want me to ship they will pay a fixed fee at checkout anyway so that’s not a problem.

I need my users to be able to upload a PDF at the last cart step. And obviously I need to be able to access to these PDF files from somewhere, preferably from within the individual orders. 

I need them to upload the PDF at the cart page though not at the product pages...

Is this possible?

My project is almost complete, I would really appreciate the guidance.

Thanks a lot. 

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There are two ways to achieve this:

1. Using an app like this one.
2. Hiring a developer to code it onto your theme permanently. 

Kind regards,

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