Allowing an option only if a certain variant is selected

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Hey Everyone, I have a question.


I'm currently building the potential variants for my shopify store, and I was wondering if it would be possible to have an option

only enable if a certain variant is selected.


So for example. If I had two variants for option 1 (Whole Coffee Beans or Ground Coffee Beans) , I would like it so that if the customer selected "Whole Coffee Beans", they would go straight to the checkout, while if there were to select "Ground Coffee Beans", another option to select a grind type would appear, which they have to select before going to the checkout.


Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi @MeiC 


Not if this is a single product.


If you create a product with a single option and another product for your 2 options it will be possible. ( if you combine them in some matter )


This is because when you create more than one option all of your variants will have 2 options even if you don't want them to have more than one.


Another option will be to create a default second option and create complex filtration function so that specific options will be preselected with the default option while the other ones will need an additional input from the user.