Alternative to tags after 250 tag limit

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I have been using tags as a way to save year make and model data for products. I developed a YMM filter that uses these tags and allows users to search based on YMM and then displays products based on the tag.

It's easy to get all tags for a collection that contains all products and then split the tag into year make model in separate dropdowns.

We need to be able to add 250+ tags to products for this to work, as some fit more than 250 YMM combinations. This was not a problem before the 250 product tag limit introduced earlier this year.

I was going to try combining multiple models into a tag and parse them, but this prevents the link to tag and tag url path from working.

Are there any alternatives for tags that I should look at? They would need to support being able to grab them all at once for the filter to work and then a way to display matching products via the url path matching.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.

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Hey Daniel, I would check out Web Shop Manager. YMM lookup is already built into our platform.

If you want to learn a little more you can shoot me an email