Amazon sales channel not available in Australia. Any alternatives?

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The Amazon sales channel isn't available in Australia for some reason.  Are there any alternatives, work arounds, apps etc?  

I'd like a click through from the 'Buy It Now' button on Shopify to the 'Buy It Now' on Amazon so I can use Freight By Amazon (FBA) in Sydney Australia.  I have a private label.

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Codisto here. We do have an App which is a great alternative to the Amazon Sales Channel which works in Australia and globally for Amazon and eBay, but for what you've described, I don't think a sales channel type solution is what you need for this specific problem.


Both the Amazon Sales Channel and Codisto app work by using your Shopify catalog to create and manage your Amazon products from Shopify. A product bought using the "Buy it Now" button on Shopify in both cases will take you through the Shopify checkout process and send successful orders through to your Shopify Orders Page. Where both solutions are useful is when a customer purchases a product from Amazon (merchant fulfilled) the orders are sent from Amazon Seller Central into Shopify and can be fulfilled from your Shopify orders page. 


If you'd simply like to provide a link for your customers to go from your Shopify store product page to your Amazon listing for that product, there is an easy fix. Simply open the product in Shopify and go to the "Show HTML" in your product description and add the following code to create a button which will link to your product page:


<button onclick=" = '';">Buy on Amazon</button>


Another tip, if you plan on sending a lot of customers from your Shopify to Amazon in this way, you can sign up for an Amazon Australia Associates affiliate account here -- -- so that you receive commissions from Amazon both on sales of your products from customers you've sent there, as well as any other products they might buy in that session. Simply sign up and create affiliate links for your products and replace the Amazon product page URL in the code above with those URLs.


If you are looking to fulfil orders made on Shopify through Amazon FBA, then rather than have your checkout button take customers to Amazon, you may find Multi-channel Fulfilment for Amazon FBA a better solution. This allows products that you have in Amazon FBA to be sold on other sites (such as your Shopify store) but fulfilled through Amazon's FBA program. You can find out more about multi-channel fulfilment in the help section of your Amazon Seller Central account. 


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Hi Codisto,


Thanks for your message and apologies for not replying sooner.  Your advice to create a button in html to drive traffic to my Amazon store here in Australia is really helpful as I need to improve my Amazon rankings through Amazon sales, assuming that's the best way to go.


I'm not sure the Amazon Affiliate program would benefit me as the products I'm driving traffic to (from my shopify website Paul Danial Sydney to my Amazon shop front)  are my own private label products that are being drop shipped by Amazon FBA.  


What are your thoughts?


Kind regards,




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Your plan to send traffic to your Amazon listing to help improve your rankings is definitely right on the money and generating additional sales by sending more traffic to them should definitely help Amazon’s algorithms to take notice of your product’s increasing sales velocity.

Using the Amazon affiliate link in URL could still help for two reasons. Firstly, if you send someone from your Shopify store to Amazon you lose the ability to attribute that sale back to your Shopify store, but if you create an Amazon affiliate link, you will get reporting data back from Amazon about what people bought after using that link. So you could create unique links for any buttons that you will be using to send people from your online store to Amazon, and know how often that traffic successfully converts to a sale. Without the affiliate link, you will still be able to see reporting of your sales through Amazon, but you won’t be able to tell which ones were from organic traffic through Amazon searches, and which ones were a direct result of your “buy from amazon” button. You will also see when a customer that used that button buys a product from  Amazon that isn’t one of yours, which is particularly helpful if you start to notice that traffic you send using the “buy on Amazon” button is leading customers towards competitor products so you can diagnose why (Are they cheaper? Are their listings better? etc.).


Secondly, by using the affiliate links when you send traffic to Amazon, you will be entitled to a commission from Amazon for any purchases that customer makes on Amazon during that session, even for products they buy that aren’t yours, which can be a great way to generate a little bit of extra revenue to put back into marketing.