Anchor links USED to work but now a 404 error page appears on refresh


Hi there,


I've researched this Anchor problem quite thoroughly before posting and haven’t found a solution thus far.


My problem is that when I created a table of contents BELOW THE COLLECTIONS IMAGES and linked to various subsections of my collections page copy, again everything works until I reload/refresh that page. It temporarily goes to the correct section and then reloads to a 404. So for example (this is the site I'm working on) - if I go to this page everything is fine:


When I click on one of the links in the 'Table of contents' i.e. the 4th one down - 'dungarees' it goes to the right place - again everything is fine!


However, if I refresh/reload it/paste the address in directly, I see in the address bar in the browser temporarily loading the correct url, but THEN somehow deletes the '#' in /womens#dungarees within the address bar and I get a 404 error:



I did try to do a redirect - telling shopify when it does it's inexplicable address change, to go to the correct one with the '#'. This unfortunately sends it into an endless loop!


Any ideas how I can rectify this?

Please note, the anchors are BELOW THE COLLECTIONS IMAGES - thanks!


This is an accepted solution.

I've solved the problem!


The problem is I'm using

I'm sure it's largely a very nice app, but it removes the special symbols from the URL since these symbols can conflict when selecting a filter, that is why the application removes the '#' symbol, so you cannot use anchors inside the collection pages using this particular app.