Anyone else get this email from Google ? - Action required to continue selling on Google

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From Google Merchant Center

"We’re reaching out to inform you that you have until February 17 to complete the migration to take advantage of the new, zero Google commission model. We’ve contacted you multiple times to facilitate the transition to the new model. This is our final email to let you know that your store will be paused if you do not complete the migration by February 17."

I've been using Merchant Center for about 10 months.   When I click on 'complete the migration' a form page on Google pops up

Sell through Buy on Google

The form asks for a Paypal Business Account. (which I do not have)..

If I do store will be paused?

I use The Google sales channel through Shopify, why do I need Paypal?


Why pause my store?

This is confusing.


anyone else????



What this means for you

Starting Thursday, February 18, your store will be paused. While your store is paused, you will still be responsible for fulfilling any outstanding orders and returns. Once paused, your access to the following will remain unchanged:

  • Merchant Center orders and returns.
  • Payments for reconciliations
  • Content API and Returns CSV
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I recommend proceeding in using Buy on Google is to register a PayPal account. Alternatively, wait until Google ads new payment gateways.


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Can anyone from the Shopify platform chime in?  Is Shopify Payments available on BUY ON GOOGLE now, OR will be in the future?

I dont want to pay $30 a month for PP if I am already covered by Shopify Payments NOW


read this in the Shopify blog dated  July 23 2020

In April, we announced a partnership with Google to make it easy for merchants to list their products for free on the Google Shopping tab through Shopify’s Google channel. Today, we're further extending our Google partnership by announcing that Shopify Payments will be available to U.S. merchants through Buy on Google, the search engine's native checkout option. This marks the first time Shopify Payments will be made available outside of Shopify, making it easier for merchants to enable purchases on many different channels, wherever buyers are.

Shopify merchants participating in Buy on Google will have their buyers’ payment transactions processed through Shopify Payments when they take place on Google properties. Additionally, new merchants without an existing Shopify account will have the option to sign up to Shopify and use Shopify Payments as their payment service provider. 

With the integration, all merchants that enable Shopify Payments on Buy on Google will benefit from the speed, transparency, and reliability of Shopify Payments, as well as the ability to view, manage, and track orders and payments all in one place.