App failed to open automatically after installation

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We have deployed an app on the Shopify app store.
Recently, The app started failing to open automatically just after installation with the below error in chrome(version: 88) :
URL : {store-name}/admin/apps?app_id={appId}&oauth_error=same_site_cookies
This app can't load due to an issue with browser cookies. Try enabling cookies in your browser, or contacting the developer to get support.
Note: the app can be opened after clicking on the app icon on the app list page.
We are trying to resolve the above issue. Please find attached error screenshot in all the three browsers - Safari(14.0.3), Firefox(84.0.2) and Chrome(88.0.4324.150)
Tried Solution : 
* Clear the cache and cookies (in Chrome, use the "all-time" time range) 
* Try on another web browser, AND try within the browser's incognito mode.
* Ensure the web browser is up to date on the latest version 
* Try another device.
* Try another internet connection 
* Reinstallation of the app
* Setting the Same site cookie as "None" along with the "Secure" attribute.
Please help us in resolving this issue.
Thanks in advance