App scripts not loading in new theme

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I have recently noticed many themes loading the app scripts using the following way:

Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 1.20.17 PM.png


Notice that the scripts start loading when an `theme.loaded.jquery` event is fired. But none of the scripts load because probably that event doesn't ever fire.

Example of such website is  Here scripts like klaviyo, pushowl, etc are not loading.


Anyone has any idea of whats with this style of loading app script? and how can it be fixed?

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I would say that it's not your problem. You are using the officially supported way of injecting app code into clients store.

It does not work because their theme designer has tampered with the content_for_header variable, which should be output inside html head. Or maybe their code failed, but that's a task for theme Support. BTW, it's Shella, pretty popular on themefortest.

Or you can change the way of injecting your code by actually modifying their theme files, usually layout, which has its own drawbacks.

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