App to extend checkout page - how?

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I would like to create an app that adds an additional section to the checkout page - a possibility to select the delivery time window. I know that such apps already exist but I want to use my own application server to generate the values that can be selected.


What is the best way to approach this? I've spent last 2 days browsing documentation and following various shopify tutorials but I'm still confused. I thought that application bridge would be the way to go but it seems that it only allows to embed application frame in the admin panel, not on the checkout page.

Should my app send a script tag that would call my server and add the whole slot selection UI in javascript? Or should I maybe modify the templates somehow? Can I even make AJAX requests to third party servers from templates?


I would appreciate any advice.


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You have luck to find any documentation? I have the same problem, I need add extra fields to checkout page with my app bridge.