Are unique product images in multilingual shops possible?

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we recently starting using Multi Lingo App for our website and made an unpleasant discovery...

The product images cant be different in the different languages.

This is a nightmare scenario for us as our product are chaga food supplements and we must show packaging which is in the language of the shop. We NEED unique product images in each language.

I dont really want to drop Multi Lingo app as we have spent a lot of time on it and everything else is fine.

Our current work around is to add variants for "packaging Language" but I'd welcome any advice for developer as to how to get unique images on product pages. See 

Thanks in advance and stay safe people


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Dear NaturalChaga,

With GTranslate you can assign different images for the translated page easily.

Here is a screenshot from the editing interface of GTranslate, where you can replace the link of the original image with the link of the translated image, thus assign a different image for the translated page.


Editing is available with paid plans only, which start with 15-day trial.