Assign new product tag to another product tag using Liquid snippets

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Short: I need to assign additional product.tags based on current product.tags. For eg: Products 1 through 100 contain the product tag "1234". I want to be able to add additional tags using liquid snippets. I'm using Debut Theme.


Long: I have a large number of products that will have a base "tag" that contains an ID like "1234" I want to be able to add additional product tags to ALL products that contain the tag "1234". I think the best course for me would be to use snippets, but I don't know where to include the snippet. I'm using Debut Theme.


Eg: I create a snippet called "Snippet_1" that contains:

{% if product.tags contains '1234' %}
{% assign product.tags = "red" %}
{% assign product.tags = "orange" %}
{% assign product.tags = "green" %}
{% endif %}


Then I put this snippet somewhere for the product.

{% include 'Snippet_1' %}

If this is an adequate course of action, where do I put this snippet? In product.liquid? product.card.list/grid? product.template.liquid? Can you help me get my code to work?


For anyone curious this is the closest related post I've found but it is unsolved.


Thank you!



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You can't change this data from the theme, that's why there is no answer -- you'd need an App for this. SmartTags is probably the closest match. For more complex rules you'd need to look at Mechanic, Arigato or custom App.

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