Auto-add a unique number or URL to Buy Button

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I'm planning on releasing a new product that can be customized. I have a developer (not a shopify app developer) building a web app that will reside on my servers and point to a subdomain of my website.  I'm hoping to initially avoid hiring an API programmer and simply use shopify's "Buy Button" to connect shopify with my future web app.

My questions are whether it's possible to pass information along using the "additional field" of the buy button to auto-add a unique number or specific text into this field after the buy button is clicked?  Also, if my buy button is setup to send the customer to the cart and allow them to continue shopping, is it possible to make the product title and image lead to a unique url which essentially leads back to my subdomain, in case they want to change their personalization options etc?  I realize at some point I need to set this up correctly using Shopify's APIs, however at this time I'm just trying to get my MVP to market.  Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.