Automated lag time for "new products" collection

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I'm in the process of transitioning my companies old site to Shopify, and one of the features that by boss is demanding is to have an automated lag time in the "new products" collection.  We buy and sell used laboratory equipment, and he doesn't want our products to show up on our site immediately after being taken down from the auction sites we buy from.  Our current site is automated so that any equipment added to the database posts to our New Products page 45 days after entry. 

From the research I've done, it seems like this is not possible.  The best I can figure out is to assign each group of new products a unique identifier tag, and manually update the collection condition every week.

Can anyone lend some insight, or even just confirm my thoughts on it?




I think the best long-term solution for the features you are looking for is to create a Private Shopify app to which I can add product delay/lag feature and any future functionality you may require in the future. If would like to schedule a call to learn more feel free to email me at