Ban zipcodes for shipping

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My website is french.

French has some overseas departments. Shipping for these islands is very expensive (30$+), which is even more expensive than the products I sell.

This is why I would like to prevent customers from these islands to order on my website.

It's only zipcodes starting with : 97xxx

How is it possible please ?

Thank you

Shopify Expert
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Hello Lionel


Sid here from Shipping Rates by ZipCode app, and happy to help you.

You can use  Shipping Rates by ZipCode app with zipcode of exact match(1111,2222,3333) or starts with(11*,22*) or range based(1100=1199,2200=2250), As well as you can set rates based on each product or cart's weight or price or quantity. It allow you to rates for Include or Exclude selected zipcodes.

Happy to go over a quick call to give you a demo walk through. You can book demo meeting here:

Skype: siddhu.kevadiya


Please make sure to use APP to modify shipping your should show meet following requirements.

The Advanced Shopify plan, Shopify Plus, and any annual plan all come with Carrier-Calculated Shipping. If you aren't on one of those plans, then carrier-calculated shipping can be added to your account for an additional $20 USD per month.