Barcodes with letters and dashes

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Can Shopify recognize barcodes that contain letters and dashes? For example, for a top sized small, medium, and large, the barcodes would be




I have been adding these barcodes as I create new products and am adding size variants. But when I try to use the inventory scanner in the Shopify app, it gives me an error message that says multiple items have the same barcode

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Can we get a answer here? 

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I am facing the same issue. 
As I noticed the barcode is somehow connected also with the SKU field. 
So for example my one backpack SKU is: HIPBLA and the barcode to another backpack is HIPBLA1 (as it's a different variety) the app thinks that is the same barcode for both products.
The issue is that this is not natural to happen as I own 3 versions of the same product that the SKU is: HIPBLA1, HIPBLA2, HIPBLA3.
I even tried to modify it to use letters instead of numbers, as like HIPBLAB and the app still reads (as i understand) only the HIPBLA and not the final letter.
Also even if there is no barcode at all to the second product and there is only SKU with the same name the app still thinks that the code is duplicated and always appears the message "Multiple items have this barcode".
Did anyone found a solution? As i see this post is old. So i hope that there is a solution.


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@tangerine-gifts  - I am just implementing this for my company and found your question. You can add dashes to barcodes and it will still scan

I tested a couple of scenario and it worked for me. 

My test -

1) Create a product with multiple variants without sku number.

2) Add a custom barcode in the barcode section inside the product variant page on shopify and SAVE - Make sure the product is available to sell on POS

3) On my label printer designer I created the custom barcode associated with the variant and I did a quick scan with my ipad - my product was able to get ring up on my POS with the dashes

What I tested:




I did not use the inventory scanner in the shopify app and can't replicate your problem.

Hope this helps!