Batch edit like Shopify

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Firstly, I am not sure if this is the right place to post the question. So my apologies in advance if not. 

I have a asp .net web application where I show my shopify orders after downloading using shopify admin api. Is there any third party Grid to get interface like shopify batch edit grid ?

I'm looking for grid interface to select rows from client side, calls server method and automatically updates particular grid row, once it is processed. i.e if u select 10 rows through checkboxes and click on process button, some server side method is called and it shows a tick next to each row (tick can be an image which indicates that row have been processed or a cross image which means some error on that row ) without page flicker or showing that its processing some data. Same as when we do batch edit in shopify for any product and click on save, it shows a tick against each row that the data has been saved. 

One method i found is doing an ajax call using jquery and call server side function/web method using POST request. But I can't get this to work. Can anybody please help me with some dummy code?

Below is my interface of the grid and a Process button to process selected rows.