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Hello All,

I am unable to figure this out, as coding is not my greatest strength. In my store, my Blog Article List contains 3 "blogs", or testimonials:

How can I find and edit the code that controls how many "words" or characters each testimonial is displaying? There are undesirable breaks that I want to adjust - perhaps to include the entire first paragraph instead of 1.5 lines?

If someone can kindly point me to the .liquid file, and the location of the code within that file, I should be able to figure out how to modify the existing code (I hope).

Many thanks,



Some themes use sections called "Excerpts" which pulls into the blog page so you can manually adjust those.




If you don't see that, look for where the blog list starts:



{% for article in blog.articles %}
        {% include 'blog_item' with blog.comments_enabled? %}
{% endfor %}

Then go to "blog_item" and see what it's pulling in as the excerpt and then use a string filter to adjust the output.


For example, this code truncates at 25 words.


<div class="article__excerpt rte">
    <p>{{ article.excerpt_or_content | strip_html | truncatewords: 25 }}</p>
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