Blog pagination problem

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Hello, I'm trying to create a page which fetches blog posts from 4 different blogs.

I managed to do this by creating a navigation menu where I've linked my 4 blogs (see screenshot below) and then in a custom blog template I've created a list of all the articles by merging the articles of each blogs by doing:
{% assign mergedArticles =[0].object.articles | concat:[1].object.articles | concat:[2].object.articles | concat:[3].object.articles %}

So far there's no Issue, I can fetch the articles and print them all out as you can see here:

To access the website click on "Accedi con password" on top right corner and then use "Hybrida2021".

However I can't seem to make pagination work. I've read that it only works with global variables.

This is something that will stay like this for a long time so if there's any way to set this "mergedArticles" variable as global that's ok for us.


Is there any way to fix this? This is pretty important