Bold Wholesale & Gempages not Working Together

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Hey everyone!

On one of my clients store's, all product pages are built on gempages. They have a wholesale program through Bold that changes pricing store-wide when the customer is logged in. Gempages price doesn't correctly update when a logged-in wholesale customer is browsing. The correct price is still applied in cart and at checkout, but full retail price is still displayed on the product page. Neither Bold nor Gempages support had any fixes. The store is



Hi @Grahamkuehn 

After discussing this carefully with the development team. It is correct that the feature of Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale is not compatible with GemPages yet.

However, I've raised a ticket to the team and hope the compatibility between the two apps will be improved in the next updates and I will let you know right after the feature is available.

Thank you for sharing with us today.

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