Boundless theme page list collections grid problem

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Hi I used the post that lists the github code for a page list collections to display collection lists in your theme and boundless is my favorite theme so far.  The only thing is the grid is wonky on the pages, it pads the items i want it like on the homepage, and i have no idea what css to change or inspect or if its a scripting modification. i am novice coding with little scripting and would appreciate help . It is the only modification this theme needs with the way my store is set up.  Please help. The only other solution i found was to go with the theme minimal, which has a page list collection fix already and displayed perfectly, but the images are too small. I am a print on demand store and i need the big images to see the artwork on the products. much appreciate any time spent on this. Thanks in advance!



It would require 
Liquid/CSS/Javascript knowledge to implement this feature, I'm afraid that unfortunately there is no simple copy-paste solution otherwise I'd happily guide you through.

In case you're unfamiliar with these technologies you'll likely want to hire a Shopify developer to assist you.

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