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I'm using the Brooklyn theme. 

My product pages show the prices like this: Real price - Sale price (i.e $60 - $25).


However, in the Collections page it only shows the sale price. Discount is only announced with a circle at the top left of the image saying: Save $35


I would like to display both prices and also append the discount percentage (i.e save 55%).


Trying to figure out this in the code but couldn't find the right way.

I'm using a grid display for my collections so I guessed this would me managed in the product-grid-item snippet.


It seems that price is here as it disappears when I remove it:

{% if on_sale %}
<span class="visually-hidden">{{ 'products.general.sale_price' | t }}</span>


I tried adding the product.general.regular_price but it doesn't work. Even if I just replace it, it would still display sale price.


Can anyone assist?



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May i know your store url to have a look.

Best Regards, Adil Bhat Shopify Expert - Front End Developer - E-commerce Specialist