CSV Variant Grams - Need clarification on values

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This is also posted in the Shopify Discussion. Sorry for the duplication but I wasn't sure where to post this question and I found some other posts like this in this board.

I am wanting to update more than 100 products with weight. I understand the weight must be in grams. I entered weight for a few products and then exported them to see how they appear in the csv file. The downloaded csv file shows Variant Grams column values with the decimal point included (e.g. 907.18474, 18270.3229). As you can see from my examples, there are varying number of digits to the right of the decimal point and THERE IS A DECIMAL POINT.

The documentation I found about csv files (here) "Do not specify a unit of measurement or use decimals. For example, for a weight of 5.125 kg, enter 5125."

So my questions are:

1. If I shouldn't use decimals, why are they present in the export? Should I not be able to import the file that I get from an export?

2. If I don't include the decimal, how does Shopify determine where to put the decimal when it can vary