Can I force a re-index of Shopify native search?

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I keep running into products not showing up in the Shopify search that should be there (the are "Active" and published to the Online store sales channel). Some do show up eventually, but it can seemingly take weeks.

Is there a way to troubleshoot this at all? Can I see if a product has been indexed or is being skipped for some reason?

Can I force a product to be indexed on demand?

(I've tried searching for help on search but everything seems to be about getting Shopify products into Google search results)


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Hi There,

Are you using a theme search exclusively or you have any search apps here?


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I have a search form app. I don't think it handles the search itself. I believe it just acts as a gateway into the native Shopify search.

But for the purposes of tracking down this problem, I have turned off that app and the problem still persists.

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Having links to your site, "offending" products and search queries you use would help troubleshooting.

Also, there is a "hide from search" metafield, I doubt it is the reason, but just in case...

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