Can I update products with only partial data?

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I'm wondering anybody can help me with a problem I'm facing batch updating only prices for my products.

Our real world stock control software doesn't have any kind of integration with Shopify, and the best I can output is an CSV with bits of information. I'm wondering if I had a spreadsheet with just SKU and the latest updated selling price if I can import that information to Shopify so the newer selling price for every product updates automatically?

I can't simply order the two spreadsheets alphabetically based on SKU, copy the columns then paste into a Shopify exported sheet as there are certain products not listed on our shopify site, so the price values wont match up correctly.

Does anybody know if any kind of statement like "IF sku in sheet1 EQUALS value THEN sellingprice in sheet1 EQUALS sellingprice in sheet2" is possible?

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Hey Gareth

Can you capture the Shopify handles of your products in your current software so that way when you export it's ready to be imported without any changes? The handle is the primary key so if you can have that in your csv file it would be good to go.

In Excel you can compare sheets and match up corresponding column values using vlookup:

We specialise in connecting users systems into our platform so they can then sync automatically changes into Shopify. We could simplify the process to just drop csv files into our platform (if we can't connect to it) and that then syncs into your Shopify store on a schedule automatically. Our goal is to automate and ideally remove the need to have to work with spreadsheets as it can be time consuming. Let me know if you would like to discuss further.




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