Can You Send Different Confirmation Emails For Different Products?

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Hello Shopify Community!

I have been doing a bit of searching on the forum and can't seem to find a good answer to this. 

I will have products in my store that have specific instructions for that particular product. 

So I will need to send out customized emails for specific products once they are purchased. 

From what I've read, Shopify out of the box doesn't allow you to create separate emails. There is only one email template that you can use that gets sent out.

I also haven't found any apps that do this. (maybe there are some and I just wasn't looking hard enough)

I saw that you could adjust the code to add to send out specific confirmation emails based on the product, but I will have many different products that need specific emails and this code could get quite messy. 

Any help finding a simple solution like using an app or something that has an interface where I can add in a specific confirmation email template for specific products would be helpful. 

Thanks for all of your help!

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This is an accepted solution.

Hey, @UpstreamSquad!

This is Moira from the Social Care team at Shopify. It’s great to hear you are wanting to offer customized emails for specific products, this will be very beneficial for your customers!

You are correct in saying that the default Shopify user interface does not allow for multiple email templates at this time, although this is definitely a great opportunity for us to pass this suggestion onto our developers for consideration.

You do indeed have the option to adjust the liquid code of the email notification templates yourself. If you wanted to head down this path, you could look into webhooks which are little processes that take place as a result of a certain action. For instance, if your customer places an order for a specific product, the webhook would refer to the sending of a certain email confirmation. If you do not know how to use webhooks, you should get in touch with a Shopify expert.

Considering you plan on having a variety of products, as a more straightforward workaround, I would suggest integrating an email marketing app such as Klaviyo.
After doing some digging, it turns out Klaviyo allows you to set up a post-purchase flow. This means you can filter or split your email flow based on the specific items someone has left in their cart, viewed, or in your case, purchased! If you have any further questions about using Klaviyo, you can reach their support team directly. You can find their contact details in the "Support" section of the app in the Shopify app store right here.

I thought I would also drop you the link to Shopify Compass - Business e-Learning and Training. Not enough merchants know about this and it's such a good resource for you and your business no matter where you are with your store. I’d definitely recommend bookmarking it and checking it out when you have time!

As you're working on your confirmation emails, you may be interested in learning about email marketing which can be one of the most effective and profitable marketing channels. I've attached the course below so you can learn more about how this can benefit your business:

Let us know how you get on with the steps above, I’m happy to answer any questions you think of as you work on your business.

Moira | Social Care @ Shopify
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So glad this was asked, solved, and recent! I was just wondering this as well!