Can a top level nav show all of the products from sub levels

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we have a very  large nav structure (with collections of products for each level  in the structure assigned)

to simplify what we are trying to do, I will use a smaller structure:







We have created collections of products for Tops and Pants and assign those respectively.     Of course when we click on Tops and Pants, the appropriate items display.  However when we click on Mens, no items display (assumably since there is not a specific collection assigned to Mens) - what we would like is for  Mens to show the products from all sub levels (i.e. Tops).   Likewise when when we click on Shirts, we would like all of collections of all subs and sub-subs to appear.


How are other people handling this?  I see other shopify sites that do this - I am wondering if we have to add tags at the for each product to every level that it needs to appear in (Since our nav structure is huge, this would be extremely difficult to maintain.





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Hi, @netCentrix


You can feature a subset of collections on a page by following these instructions. Essentially you will need to create a new page template in your theme's code, and then you can show specific groups of collections on a page and assign it to that new template. If you're using a third party theme then these steps may not work for your specific theme. If so, you can contact your theme developer or a Shopify Expert to have them help you with that. Let me know if you have any questions!

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