Can anyone please help me out?

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We are facing this issue since this morning on our Product Page. Our product images aren't loading on our site and also the related products listed below the main product are also weirdly aligned. And I am facing this problem only on our mobile site, desktop site functions normally. And we checked with our developer and find no fault with our theme and the problem is clearly from Shopify's end. But Shopify asked for 3 business days to solve this problem. With 70% of our traffic, our mobile site is our primary aspect and it has already affected drastically on our sales. Can someone please help us out?


Attaching screenshots for your reference. 






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Hi @fullyfilmy 


Of course, the problem is with the code on your side, not with Shopify :)


It is on the product page and related with the mobile Zoom slider. Let your developer continue with testing and troubleshooting this. Chrome's Developer Tools console shows there are errors.


Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 16.25.25.png

Fix these errors and I bet your mobile images will show up :)

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