Can the Shopify theme app ignore files?

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I'm working on a theme and I would like to use SASS. Is it possible to have '.scss' files in a theme folder but get the theme app to ignore them instead of trying to upload them? I know I can use '.scss.liquid' but this way doesnt support '@import' yet.

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You could place the SASS files outside of the theme folder and let them compile automatically to the themes assets folder. For example using guard-sprockets:

# Guardfile
guard 'sprockets', :destination => my-theme/assets', :asset_paths => ['assets/javascripts', 'assets/stylesheets'] do
  watch %r{^assets/javascripts/application\.(js|coffee)}
  watch %r{^assets/stylesheets/application\.(css|sass)}


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@hj good advice.

With the latest update (1.3) I added .less and .scss to the ignore list, so those files should now be fine inside your theme folder, as far a when you modify it. But I think hj's advice is best.


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