Cannot Connect Facebook Sales Channel

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Hi Ema! I have the same problem, could you help me please? My ticket number is 14020540

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same problem ticket numer 14046668

@-Emma- wrote:

Hi @CrazyCamper@RobbieGC , @ceozuriel , @ricswika


Emma here from Shopify. 


We are currently investigating an issue with the Facebook sales channel and have our development team reviewing affected shops. If you could please send an email to confirming that you are seeing this error when trying to connect your Facebook sales channel, I will get your store added to the list of affected shops. Please respond here with your ticket number so that I can get those escalated to our technical support team right away. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to get the connection back up and running as expected. I'll be sure to post back here as soon as I have any updates, and please don't hesitate to let me know if I can help you with anything else in the meantime! 



Emma | Shopify Social Care 


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For all who are having issues connecting their Shopify Shop to Facebook - I like to suggest that you stop trying and explore other alternative.

I've been having the same issues as the rest for weeks and I've finally managed to fix it.


Here are some of the steps to help you all:


1. Login into your Facebook Business Manager, and navigate to Catalogue Manager

If you previously had it working and now stop working. You should have some redundant catalogue lying around.

First remove any existing catalogue that you have.


2. Once you've removed all the Catalogue, begin to create a catalogue and go through all the steps required. Bear in mind, you will need to have a product feed for this. I used Facebook Product Feed (Flexify) for this and schedule feed refresh once a day. 


Once you've done that, go back to your Facebook Page - Setup your shop section. 

And it should be fixed. 


This implementation is to fix Facebook Shop & Instagram Shop by using a manual product feed instead of the existing Shopify Integration that doesnt work and trust me, i've gone through all the steps everyone + support has advised