Canonical tags for old season product

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Every season we have launch a new update to our product range, so for example, in our shopify we have product-x-2019 and then the newly launched product-x-2020. 

our customers know we have yearly updates but won't necessarily google the year, just the product name. I want to ensure that when we launch our new products, our 2020 products show up first in google above our 2019 products. We had an SEO audit and they recommended adding canonical tags to our 2019 products so all the backlinks and reviews and press we've gotten for the 2019 products now boost the 2020 products instead. 

What's the best way of going about this? I know shopify automatically adds canonical tags for /products/product-x-2019 and /collections/shorts/products/product-x-2019, but is there a way to change all of those to product-x-2020? 

Many thanks for any help!

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