Cart Attributes and Date and Time Selector

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I am trying to set up a situation on our store where the user can select whether the order is for pickup or delivery and then select a date and time of delivery. 

I have managed to do this using the app On Time Delivery

and then setting our shipping method to either pickup or delivery.

However, we need to add two more cart attributes to our store to collect an email address and purchase order number at the time of checkout. 

It seems that the app we are using is utilizing the attributes field to return it's data (all of the time/date apps I have tried do this except for Zapiet which did not work with many of the other apps we are using that are crucial to our business)

Anyhow, I am trying to figure out if there is some code that I can change to allow for attributes to be collected by the app AND by the cart attributes we created using the Shopify UI elements generator here

Or.. if anyone has a different solution for collecting all of this information. 

I do realize that we could add a date and time selector using some simple code-however I am not sure how to add blackout dates, cut-off times, delivery windows, and other key information we need for this to work.

I hope that all makes sense - hoping someone can help me!

Thank you!